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The Rust Group

The Rust Group has developed over the past 20 years in London, England and 50 years in Austin, Texas. The Group’s partners have a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines as well as extensive commercial experience in both Europe and the USA across several sectors including Property, Entertainment, Product Distribution, Telecommunications, Technology and Renewable Energy.

Either directly or through their panel of associates, the partners can draw on their knowledge to provide clients with multi-disciplined business consultancy and advisory services, in particular for the SME sector and especially in the arena of corporate recoveries.

The Group also provides tax efficient asset management services to assist in "off-shore" arrangements in Luxembourg, Ireland and the Channel Islands.

In addition the Group has advised companies looking for an introduction to the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange by assisting them in conforming with regulatory requirements as well as identifying and appointing advisors.

Investment Policy

A notable aspect of the Partnership’s policy is that frequently the partners may invest, individually, alongside their clients to ensure a closer alignment of interests, particularly when engaged in Corporate recovery or Investment appraisal projects.

In doing so, the Partners personally commit not to exit without the consent of their clients and/or investors so there can be no conflict of interest.

Client Base

The Group has clients from a wide range of industries and backgrounds outside of financial institutions. The entire client base has been introduced by personal recommendation as the Group has never advertised or actively solicited work.

Over the past five years clients have included a number of international finance entities, public and private companies and individual investors, many of whom have long track records with the partners.


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